Tina Knowles proved that Blue Ivy is an adorable, tiny twin version of her mom Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy is, unsurprisingly, one of the most adorable kids out there. We’re talking heart-meltingly ahh-dor-a-ble. Which you’d expect, since her mother is Queen of All Things Right and Good in This World. Today, it turns out that Blue Ivy’s grandma — Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Knowles — received an image from “someone” showing how Beyoncé and Blue Ivy as children are basically twins.

To start off, it’s a little concerning that a mysterious “someone” (who are you, someone, who are you?!) sent Knowles a picture of her daughter and granddaughter mashed into one photo. But OK — fans get up to some very, ahem, passionate things. We’re sure this wasn’t meant to be weird at all, but it must be odd to be SO famous that someone sends you pictures of your own family. 

Mystery of the sender aside, it’s not shocking that mother and daughter look alike (hi, genetics, we know how it works), but this is truly a spitting image! They both have the same confident, playful stare — which we can imagine as they do their we-are-incredible-specimens-of-humanity secret handshake.

While Blue Ivy looks just like her mom, she also looks like dad, a lot — and you can see it here in this picture below. Can we just say how crazy it must be to grow up with such a power couple as your parents? One day, it’ll dawn on her that 2,138,614 people liked photos of her from her childhood, before she could even comprehend what Instagram really is. And we thought we were embarrassed by the childhood pictures our parents keep on the mantlepiece at home.

Blue Ivy, just go on breaking our hearts and making the Internet explode.

All hail Queen Baby Bey.

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