Kate Bosworth wants to be in the “Blue Crush” reboot, and let’s make this happen

There’s too much good news in TV land! Kate Bosworth wants to be in NBC’s Blue Crush reboot, which is the only news that could possibly top the fact that there’s going to be a Blue Crush television reboot at all. It seems so common when it comes time for a reboot that the original stars have moved on. And we totally get it. It’s an important thing for actors to do, but we’re always a little sad that we can’t *always* have it all.

Luckily, Bosworth is “absolutely” down to reprise her role.

Although she hasn’t been approached yet, we’re so ready to see her return to one of our 2000s faves.

"I’m so grateful to it and I’m thrilled that it’s continuing on," Bosworth said in an interview with InStyle. "I think it’s a very inspirational, empowered story, and so I’m absolutely thrilled. That’s something that will always be in my life, and I would love to continue with my character’s story."

Certain movies and shows and characters mean the world to us.

You watch the right thing at the right time and it just moves you, y’know? And we love to hear that characters we count among our favorites are also meaningful to the actors who played them — like Kate.

"It’s a role that spoke to me deeply at a time when I was 18 years old, I had just moved out to L.A. and I was reading these kind of blonde, artificial, two-dimensional characters," Bosworth continued. "And then Blue Crush came to me and I read it and I just thought, 'I love this girl. I am this girl. I know who she is.' I understand what it means to want to fulfill a dream so badly that you just feel like it’s everything to you.

So, who’s in for a hashtag campaign to make sure Bosworth gets on the reboot?!

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