A pint of Blue Bell ice cream is selling for $10k. Seriously.

You guys. This is a for real story, and it’s so weird and it’s so fascinating.

Last month, Blue Bell Creameries (home of the best ice cream in the world) issued a voluntary recall of every single one of their products from every store across the entire planet due to a listeria scare. Listeria is a serious and potentially deadly bacteria that was found in many Blue Bell plants throughout the United States, obviously making their products too dangerous to consume. Three people sadly died from the contaminated ice cream and dozens of others reported illness.

But some people just really love their Blue Bell — or at least they’re banking on people really loving their Blue Bell. Eater reports that a bunch of people who happen to still have full or partially eaten pints of Blue Bell ice cream in their freezers have posted ads on Craigslist, selling pints for thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of dollars for potentially deadly ice cream. Many of the ads, however, state that the pints they’re selling are likely listeria-free — they know this because they went ahead and tried the ice cream, and they’re still alive, so . . .

Most of the sellers are hawking their ice cream in Texas, so if you aren’t in driving distance, you’ll probably just need to wait until Blue Bell returns with new, listeria-free products. It’s all a little intense.

Here are some of the amazing black market Craigslist ads that are probably just a tad overpriced:

Only $10,000 for this gallon, but one bowl is missing, and the person who ate it didn’t die — so it’s obviously listeria-free.

This lady is offering two half-eaten gallons and two fruit bars for a mere $4,000. She’s also willing to trade for a four-door truck or her kids’ school tuition. 

If you’re interested in this $500 not-pictured half tub, reply soon, because this person clearly can’t control himself around ice cream.

Why pay rent when you can own a 1/2 pint of collector’s ice cream?

Eater pointed out that in response to the question, “Should people eat old Blue Bell products?” Blue Bell’s website FAQ replied, “Please don’t consume Blue Bell products. Instead, please return the product to the store where you purchased it for a refund.” So, there you have it. It might be best to let Blue Bell resolve their health and safety issues before eating more of their delicious ice cream. As much as it pains us — we’re willing to wait.

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