Are blue balls real? This video sets the record straight

In today’s sex trivia, we pose the question “Are blue balls real?” Let us enlighten you. In a very informative video, Buzzfeed uncovers the truth about these colorful little buggers. The scientific term for what is commonly referred to as “blue balls” is Epididymal Hypertension. So, you know, if there’s a scientific term for something it must be real to some extent. It occurs when blood flow in the genitals remains after a state of arousal.

The pressure created can cause testes to swell, possibly up to 50% of their normal size!!


A blue shade can be the result of uncirculated, deoxygenated blood.


Feelings of discomfort may occur if orgasm is not achieved.

But do not — we repeat, DO NOT — let a man guilt you into continuing to have sex with him if you do not want to because he’s “gonna have blue balls.” We’ve all heard that one before.


Here’s a decent answer, if you’re not into it: “Handle it yourself.”


Or, he could just wait for arousal to pass.


Also, not all men get blue balls, so maybe he’s got nothing to gripe about anyway.

But, if you are into it, go ahead and help him out.


He’ll be very appreciative. And then you oughta get him to help you out.

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