This “bloody” tampon-inspired nail art even includes the strings

Thanks to Instagram, crazy nail art has been popping up all over our feeds for several years now. But one artist created tampon nail art, complete with strings, making menstruation surprisingly chic and empowering. We’re continually floored by the insane nail art we see on social media, but we especially love when artists manage to make a bold political statement through their nails.

And this is no exception.

Hot on the heels of the recent trend of nipple nail art, Canadian nail artist Annelies Hofmeyr created her “period nails” to even include the strings and blood splatters.

Hofmeyr is an incredible artist of multiple mediums, but she says she originally created the wonderfully realistic tampon nails as part of The Period Project, which aimed to “highlight, and provide an alternative to the […] one-dimensional representation of women’s bodies.” By doing so, the project hopes to remove the stigma around menstruation, a normal part of the female experience. The intricate design includes oxblood red at the base and a white “tampon” at the tip — and even includes the string!

She did a beautiful job, and we love the overall message behind the mani — i.e. that periods are not something to be ashamed of or hide. There is still so much societal stigma surrounding the 100% natural process of menstruation, and we are so beyond tired of it.

Hofmeyr has received rave reviews for her tampon nails, and we can’t wait to see what other badass ideas she has in store for our fingertips!

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