This bloody adorable cat’s fangs have turned him into a “vampire kitty”

While in the process of reprogramming our brains to think about Thanksgiving, let’s jump back to the Halloween season for a sec. The Huffington Post recently interviewed the mom of Monkey, a six-year-old black cat who has been deemed the “Vampire Cat” by his Instagram followers. That’s right, Monkey and his brother Bean have just under 28,000 followers on Instagram, which is most likely the result of Monkey’s enormous (and adorable) vampire fangs.

Previously a stray, Monkey was adopted by Nicole Rienzie in 2010 after the kitten ran out in front of her car. Anyone who believes in superstition would tell you that having a black cat cross your path will give you several years of bad luck, but Rienzie didn’t buy into that belief. (Same, girl.)

She took in Monkey, who at the time was riddled with fleas and conjunctivitis, and she got him fixed up and gave him a home.

According to HuffPost, Rienzie was suffering from the loss of her father and a close friend, as well as chronic pain from a car accident, at the time Monkey entered her life.

She explained“I believe he was sent to me. A guardian angel in the form of a vampire kitty.”

Rienzie originally named Monkey, Sergio. But as the kitten’s personality and monkey-like energy came to light, Rienzie thought the name “Monkey” suited him better.

As for when the fangs grew in, Rienzie was afraid that perhaps they were hurting Monkey. But the vet assured her that they weren’t causing the kitten any pain, and they simply were just a happy accident.

Monkey and his adopted brother, Bean, actually love each other as much as they love their fans. Their Instagram posts each garner anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 likes, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Just look at how bloody cute they are (pun intended)!

If you’d like to follow the adventures of Monkey and Bean, check out their Instagram account. Mom Nicole does her best to keep the fans up-to-date on what’s been going on in their lives. She told HuffPost, “[Monkey’s] newest hobby is eating toilet paper. God help me.”

Honestly, capturing Monkey indulging in some delicious T.P. would make for some seriously good content!

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