Blood Orange and Carly Rae Jepsen turned their duet into an amazing dance music video

Even if you don’t know Devonté Hynes by name, there’s no way you haven’t heard his music. Performing and producing under the name Blood Orange, Hynes put out the album Freetown Sound this year. Among its many wonders is the fact that Hynes collaborated almost exclusively with women: Nelly Furtado, Debbie Harry, my boo Empress Of, and my boo part 2 Carly Rae Jepsen.

Now “Better Than Me,” his excellent duet with Jepsen, has a music video full of evocative dancing and excellent suits.

The song’s literally breathless nature is a perfect fit for all that dancing — I get winded just looking at these folks leap and wriggle their way around the warehouse set. Hynes, who’s behind the camera, cuts the dancing with shots of Jepsen singing. Jepsen notably sports a suit that looks straight out of this iconic David Bowie/Mick Jagger cut:

This isn’t the first time Hynes and Jepsen have collaborated — lest we forget the excellent slow jam “All That,” which Hynes produced for Jepsen’s fantastic album Emotion.

And going back, let’s not forget the Hynes-produced Solange song “Losing You,” which remains one of the best songs either artist has ever put out. (And has its own truly, truly iconic music video.) (I realize I use iconic a lot but bear with me.)

Happy listening and watching, folks.