These beauty experts share how to keep blonde hair blonde despite wind, sun, and sea

Are you tired of your blonde hair turning less blonde as a result of outside elements, like wind, sun, and sea?

For instance, we remember seeing Olympian Ryan Lochte’s hair go from a silver-blonde…

…to a bluish-green…

Anyone else think the pool chemicals did the new dye job for him?

We did some digging and found some ways you can keep your blonde locks actually looking blonde.

Hydrate your hair:

“Due to the elements in the summer months, you should spend extra time on your hair by following your normal hair regimen with a hydrating mask or treatment at least once a week,” celebrity colorist Anival Morales told Glamour.

Wear a hat:

Wearing a hat is the best way to have sun protection,” model Soo Joo Park told Vogue.

“My colorist Dhaniel Doud says you need sunblock for your hair the same way you need one for your skin.”

Carry headscarves:

“I pack vintage headscarves as well as a beaten-up old straw hat to protect my hair from the harshest sun, and French-plait my hair with added leave-in conditioner for long, carefree beach days,” model Laura Bailey told Vogue.

Use a leave-in conditioner (or water) before going swimming:

Before you get into the water, use a leave-in conditioner or water, then rinse your hair with water when you get out.

“Minerals and salt found in water and the sea can cause a buildup on your hair, making it look dull and discolored,” Nicola Clarke, creative color director for Color Wow and celebrity hair colorist to people such as Kate Moss and Cate Blanchett, told Glamour.

Speaking of leave-in conditioner, try purple conditioner:

“It goes back to an old laundry concept called ‘bluing,’ where people would intentionally add blue dye to laundry,” cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer told Allure. “This would eliminate any yellowed, dingy appearance and make the laundry appear brighter and whiter.”

[Subheader]]Meri Kate O’Connor, a senior colorist at Eva Scrivo Salons in New York City, agreed. “These formulas help to counteract the yellow, brassy tones often seen in blondes as they naturally oxidize,” she said.[/subheader]

And let’s not forget about coconut oil:

Many people swear by coconut oil to help hydrate their hair, from xoVain to the Barefoot Blonde (who has a great how-to on her blog).