One blogger—and all her friends—had a kick-ass response to a troll who shamed her

Ugh, trolls, the bane of our Internet existence. Jenny Rushmore, who blogs about creating plus-size fashion at Cashmerette, recently had a nasty troll experience on Instagram. As Rushmore explains on her blog,  several weeks ago she posted a design for a swimsuit she wanted to sew for herself on her Instagram and tagged the illustration with the hashtag #BeachBodyReady.

A few days ago, while scrolling through comments, Rushmore discovered that a troll had found the illustration, and, as she puts it “… decided that the best thing to do was advise me that my body was disgusting to him and I should eat less cake.”

Rushmore deleted the comment, but she did end up COMMENTING on the comment in an Instagram she posted few days ago.

“…to the random jerk who fat shamed me this morning in a comment and suggest I eat less cake, ” the caption read, “as you can see from this pic my life is just a sad mess, so I’m glad you’ve helped steer my dietary choices, cheers! #effyourbeautystandards #CakeWithCashmerette.”

As Rushmore explains on her blog, a fellow blogger took a pic of Rushmore’s post next to a slice of cake she was about to eat, using the hashtag #CakeWithCashmerette.

Then the hashtag #CakeWithCashmerette took on a life of its own. As of this writing, over 200 people have taken selfies of themselves with cake (or cookies, or ice cream, or chocolate, really, any sweet treat will do for this hashtag) to stand in solidarity with Rushmore and fight back against body-shaming.

“Bigger women deserve to eat whatever they’re hungry for just as much as smaller women,” Rushmore said in a blog post about the whole #CakeWithCashmerette phenomenon. “No food is inherently unhealthy (except poisonous things!), as my nutritionist pointed out to me many, many times as I was learning how to do Intuitive Eating. Food isn’t moral, and neither is fat. Beyond that, you can tell virtually nothing about what someone eats based on what they look like. ‘It’s just calories in/calories out’ was debunked very many years ago, and my personal experience with tons of skinny friends who eat junk food every day and tons of bigger friends who eat mostly vegetables and work out regularly is proof enough for me.

But even if you *could* tell someone’s health and eating habits from looking at them, so what? My health is mine. It doesn’t affect anyone else.”

Hear, hear. We love how Rushmore stood up for herself and took what could have been a day-ruining comment and used it as both a teachable moment and an opportunity to bring her community together, and we LOVE how her community stepped up to the plate and had their girl’s back. Yes, trolls are the bane of our internet existence, but all our smart, funny, kind, and powerful friends online is what makes the Internet a super-lovely place to hang.


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