Ike Barinholtz had no trouble keeping up with the #youths of Blockers — Mindy Kaling made his emoji game strong AF

“All emojis have a secret meaning,” Leslie Mann’s overprotective mother Lisa says in the trailer for Blockers, which centers on a group of parents attempting to prevent their daughters from having sex on prom night. And just consider the peach, cherries, banana, and eggplant emojis, which all have other (read: saucy) meanings. But, you don’t have to tell Mann’s Blockers co-star, Ike Barinholtz, that. Because, his friend Mindy Kaling, whom he worked with on The Mindy Project, is telling him WHAT’S WHAT on the emoji front.

"I think my emoji game was pretty tight before," Barinholtz told HelloGiggles of whether he learned anything about teen culture in the making of Blockers, "only because I'm friends with Mindy [Kaling]. There's a lot of emojis."

We can imagine! If Kaling texts anything like her former on-screen counterpart, Mindy Lahiri, then the emojis must run rampant.

The same can’t be said for Mann who — unlike her character, and Barinholtz — isn’t exactly as tuned in: “I send the wrong emojis,” she said. “I think more literal. Like a peach would mean a peach. Not like a…you know. So I get it all wrong, and send all the wrong things. And also, I can’t see very well. So, I can’t see what I’m sending.”


As for fellow Blockers co-star, John Cena? He didn’t speak to emojis but, he admits, he has a lot of catching up to do where teen culture is concerned.

"I'm out of it. I'm completely out of touch. Being around 'young people' was an experience for me. We would ride in the vans towards filming and I'd be like, 'So, what's the word on the street? What are kids really talking about nowadays?'"

To which Barinholtz joked, “You totally don’t sound like a narc when you say that.” But that didn’t faze Cena, who carried on, saying, “I got a lot of good information. I was made savvy that records are back in style. Kids like to listen to records.”

For more from Mann, Barinholtz, and Cena — like stories of their own parents acting overbearing toward them, and the songs they had to hear at their own proms — watch the interview above!

And Blockers is in theaters tomorrow, April 6th, so get that group text going and make a plan to see it! But, be sure to use the right emojis, okay?

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