This Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette Is the Nostalgic Makeup of My Dreams

The shades are even named for movie genres.

Ah, the good old days in the 1990s of begging our parents to take us to Blockbuster so we could rent Clueless and She’s All That for the 800th time—with someone else’s money. Pulling out our flimsy Blockbuster card that definitely had our parents’ names on it as we rushed through the video rental spot straight to the shelves that held our favorite VHS tapes.

Is anyone else feeling emotional about this? About days when life was easy and we didn’t have to pay for things? Anyway, Blockbuster may be a thing of the past, but Hot Topic is tickling our nostalgia vibes with a new eyeshadow palette that’s made to look like a Blockbuster VHS case. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

The Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette comes with 12 shades named after all the movie genres you used to see in stores: New Releases, Fantasy, Horror, and more. The pigmented shades come tucked in the sweet palette, and we can’t decide if we actually want to use it or keep it for posterity. Maybe we buy two so we can do both?

Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette

Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette

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It’s hard to say how long this palette might be available…and how soon it’ll go the wayside like the actual store. So if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to use our adult money to purchase a few of these, then call up our besties for a nostalgic movie night that will include Freddie Prinze Jr., Paul Rudd, Alicia Silverstone, and makeovers with this eyeshadow palette. Sounds like a dream come true!

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