Blink-182 recreates the “What’s My Age Again?” video, because nostalgia rules

There’s a lot of things us kids of the 2000s get nostalgic about, and jamming out to Blink-182 on our disc-men while running home from school to catch their latest music videos on TRL is pretty high up there. (That’s right. This was when you had to actually catch things on TV if you wanted to watch them. WE BE OLD!).

And Vulture just let us know that Blink just came out with a video for their new song “She’s Out of Her Mind” from their California album, and they’re totally embracing their roots.

Interspersed with shots of the band rocking out on stage is a recreation of their infamous “What’s My Age Again” video (you know the one, where the dudes are running through town butt naked causing mayhem).


But this time, they’ve replaced themselves with three girls. Because it’s 2016, and girls can do anything now. Including be shenanigan-causing punk rockers.

Take a look!:

OH MAN. MAJOR NOSTALGIA. And did you catch Adam DeVine’s cameo as the sexy nurse? Or the subtle detail of the little girl holding a smartphone instead of a magnifying glass? God, we needed this.

And because we know this is absolutely what you need right now, here’s the original video below (you’re welcome).