Blink 182 is coming back, and so are CASSETTE TAPES

We all know that vinyl has made a heck of a comeback in recent years, but HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT CASSETTES?

More specifically, have you heard about Blink 182 cassettes? In case you haven’t, Vulture reported that SRC Vinyl is re-releasing some of Blink 182’s beloved pop-punk albums on tape including Dude RanchEnema of the StateThe Mark, Tom and Travis Show; and their self-titled 2003 work.

The cassettes will be available in various colors for $11.99 on Dec. 8. Only limited quantities will be available, so probably go ahead and buy a used Sony Walkman to prepare.

I first heard Blink 182 around the same time I got my first (and only) detention in 7th grade. I remember sitting on a bench outside my middle school waiting on my mom to come get me since I’d had to stay late. Wearing my first pair of straight-leg jeans and a pair of hot pink Converse, I felt completely rebellious as I listened to “What’s My Age Again?” on my brand new mp3 player. I can only imagine how the experience would have been better if I’d had an (even then kind of vintage) cassette player to hear Delonge’s angst-ridden voice.

Although the band has been fractured of late, with members committed to other projects and some reported squabbling between the group, we’ll always remember the good times.

(Image via Vevo)

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