These blind tattoos are the epitome of trust

Do you ever find yourself saying, “I love tattoos, I just don’t know what I would get?” Ink artist, Scott Campbell, whose work has appeared on the beautiful bodies of Heath Ledger and Marc Jacobs, recently participated in an exhibition called Whole Glory that took all the decision-making out of getting a tattoo.

For four days, Scott sat behind a wall in New York’s Milk Gallery. On the other side of the wall, fans put their names into a lottery. A handful of names were selected daily. Those chosen slid one of their arms through a hole in the wall between themselves and Scott. Then, Scott tattooed whatever he wanted on them. Just like that. Permanent doodle.

Luckily, Scott’s designs are gorgeous, and the installation was very well received. Dozens of people – who wanted a stranger to tattoo whatever the heck he wanted onto their skin – were turned away after their names weren’t picked in the lottery.

Usually, when one goes to an art installation, one only looks at the art, but in this case, visitors became the art.

Eye love it.

“I went to an art gallery and all I got was this crazy tattoo.”

Wowza. Gotta admit: Sticking your arm into a hole knowing the next time you see it, you’ll have a mystery tattoo is a very specific brand of brave. Personally, I have trust issues just letting someone new cut my hair, so hats off to these who got inked.

Worst comes to worst, maybe next month The Milk Gallery can hold an art installation called “Please Laser This Tattoo Off Of Me, Thank You.” Who knows? Could be a hit.

(Image via Instagram.)

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