Currently obsessed with this blind pug who goes to court everyday

They say that justice is blind, so it’s perfectly fitting that Mikey, a 2-year old blind pug, has made a new home for himself at the district court in Inkster, Michigan. Mikey belongs to district judge, Sabrina Johnson, who fell in love with the pug when they met at a Michigan Pug Rescue back in March. Now, the two are basically inseparable, and Mikey spends most of his days roaming around the court houses, making new friends, and making sure laws are followed. (OK, maybe not that last one, but a pug-lover can dream, right?)

Mikey came to the Michigan Humane Society in November with an awful case of glaucoma. The disease was causing him to go blind, and to avoid severe pain both his eyes were removed. But, this little guy has never lost hope, and he’s now fully recovered and leading the best pug life ever.

However, sometimes the blindness does hinder him a little, but his spirits never drop. “Sometimes when we’re walking in the park, he’ll get going and run into a tree,” Johnson explained to the Huffington Post, “He simply backs up, shakes it off, and keeps moving. he really has taught me about how to live life.”

Nowadays, Mikey has completely learned his way around the courthouse, and even knows to go through the metal detectors when entering in and out of the building (new favorite past time in life: just watching dogs go through metal detectors like they own the place).

Johnson also explains no one even realizes Mikey is blind at first, and that everyone falls in love with him right away, “he brightens everyones day!”

Now he’s brightening ours. The Humane Society of Michigan has put out a video about Johnson and Mikey, which you can watch below. It features these two doing what they do best, being inseparable. Also, singing!

Images via here.