Blind people describing their loved ones to a sculptor is *so* amazing and fascinating

We could all use some warm and fuzzies right about now so thankfully just released a heartwarming video of a sculptor working with blind people to sculpt their loved ones.

In the video, three blind participants describe people they love to a sculptor named Pam. Pam asks each person numerous questions on their loved one’s physical attributes while she molds the clay. One of the participants, Jeff, describes his wife, Libby, hoping he isn’t too off base. “I hope that my inaccuracies are on the better side than the lesser side,” Jeff tells Pam. “Cause when [Libby] looks at it, I don’t want her to go ‘is that how you see me?’ ”

Another participant, Marty, describes her son, "What I remember was a little tiny tike who was running around in the house," she tells Pam.

The third participant, Camille, describes her colleague as “young and hip.”

It’s really incredible watching Pam transform what’s in the mind of each participant into a physical tangible object. Watch the video to witness the magic. And bring some tissues.