This blind dog has a doggie BFF that stays by his side and it’s too sweet to handle

There’s nothing more heartwarming than lending a little help to a friend in need. That’s why we are obsessed with this story of love and friendship between Zen and Hoshi, two BFF dogs who spend every moment together.

According to The Dodo, the Pomeranian pup, Zen, was found by his owner, Pauline Perez, after he was wandering the streets of Spokane, Washington. He had some special needs but Perez fell in love with him immediately and didn’t mind taking care of him.

Six months after adopting him, their (older) American Eskimo dog, Hoshi, had to have both his eyes removed. That’s when Zen decided it was his job to see for the both of them.

Hoshi has hardly skipped a beat and continues to go on tons of adventures every day, thanks to his protective pal Zen who provides guidance and help for his bestie.

The dogs go everywhere together. And with the help of a special leash that attaches them, Zen happily guides Hoshi wherever he needs to go, allowing him to lead a pretty normal life.

They even dress alike which, TBH, is too cute to handle.

Even when they’re not out exploring or playing, the pair are still inseparable.

These two are the definition of #friendgoals and we cannot get enough.