The Flowerchild Bruja is your one-stop spiritual shop for smudges, crystals, and flower crowns

In a world that often feels chaotic, finding solace in nature and her magick is vital. Whether you’re simply basking in the presence of Mother Earth, or working with her energy intentionally through a spiritual practice, there’s no wrong way to connect. This is the inspiration behind The Flowerchild Bruja, an online shop created by Taylor Cordova that aims to bring some flower and earth magick into our everyday lives. Through smudge sticks, crystals, portable altars, flower crowns, and more, Bleu Gardens is a purveyor of mystical goodies that will help you tap into your own spirit.

To learn more about her journey, we talked to Taylor about flower magick, creating rituals, and the power of the earth.

HelloGiggles: What inspired you to start Bleu Gardens? When did it officially manifest?

Flower child Bruja (FB): I’ve always been an artist and a maker. My company Bleu Gardens was the result of an obsession with flowers and the immortal Frida Kahlo, a bruja, to be sure. I started out making floral hair clips and flower crowns, back in 2008 or 2009. Seems like forever ago! I still make the ‘goddess’ crowns (because the divine feminine shall eternally require adornment, duh!), but as I started to explore spirit, and as spirit completely consumed my heart and my thoughts and my day-to-day, I became really hell-bent on incorporating more of my newly awakened, more complete self into my work. This is how my flower smudges, crystal gardens, and divination tools bloomed, and my brand The Flowerchild Bruja was born!

HG: What has it been like since?

FB: It’s been many late nights, because I believe when inspiration calls, you answer it; you never ignore it. It’s falling down and getting up, repeatedly. At times, it’s been having to learn the hard way. It’s been overwhelmingly beautiful, fragrant, and a labor of love. It’s actually mind-blowing when I sit and think about how much I’ve learned from the Earth and its flowers in this time. They are my greatest teachers. Their energies have soothed and centered me in my actions and experiences. They have taught me about what beauty truly is; fleeting yet memorable, tender, resilient, inspiring, unique, uplifting, dynamic and honest.

The flowers have told me stories about how I should care for myself if I want to continue to bloom and of the sacred transience of our lifetime. They have taught me how to love, properly, without imparting any ego or my personal will onto my beloved, but rather allowing them to create their own experience and understanding without being uprooted by my own ideas or desires. Flowers have taught me to be gentle with myself and others. They have taught me to remain soft and open around my crown so I can continue to expand my mind’s eye, but to stay rooted enough to keep sight of my own basic needs and realities along the way. All of the power they possess — to provide effortless, unmatched beauty, to silently teach life’s greatest lessons, to heal, to ground. This is magick to me. 

HG: How does creating this tangible magick help you grow your own magick?

FB: On the surface, working with all of the stones and crafting the smudges and curating the altar kits gives me an obvious proximity to all of this amazing earth energy. Of course, the effects of that alone are huge! My business is pretty small, so it literally lives along the east wall of my bedroom, which means when I get 20 lbs. of crystals or a case of herbs delivered to my door, those are all organized along said east wall, where my ancestor altar is, and also where I face during still meditations. Perks of the job, what can I say? 

A big part of what I do is provide altar and divination tools to others. The fact that I’m providing these #sacredlittlethings, from my hands to yours, holds me accountable to keep the energy clear and the vibrations high, in both my workspace and in the products themselves. It’s work, but it definitely facilitates growth within my practice. The term ‘labor of love’ comes to mind.

HG: Do you have a favorite product from the line?

FB: I think my favorite product right now is The Bruja Toolkit. It’s a really gorgeous 6×9 in. wooden box with a carved inlay floral motif on the outside. It’s lined with velvet and filled with candles, smudges, crystals, seashells, and matches. Earth, fire, water, and air. It’s a fully functional altar in a box. I have one and I use it to hold my tarot decks, my pendulum, palo santo, matches, mini candlesticks, etc. All my homegirls have ’em too. Super handy for moon gatherings at a friend’s house, road trips, beach days…any time you want to bring a bit of sacred space or ritual with you.

HG: What’s your favorite part of working with herbs and flowers?

FB: I would have to say my favorite part is feeling their energies have a physical effect on me. When I come into contact with plants, flowers especially, their energies are deeply soothing to me. I find my most perfect peace among the flowers — there’s no doubt about that. Incorporating lots of flowers into my baths has had indescribable, healing effects on my anxiety. When I’m holding a bouquet of flowers or even a single stem, the energy that radiates toward me is always so pure and so unique to each genus, I never become weary of their magick. I am absolutely in love with flowers and I care not who knows! 

HG: What’s your favorite ritual that incorporates this magick?

FB: I go for really practical rituals like turning my showers into light meditations, by picturing the water as white or colored light. I love bathing with lots of flowers, to better connect with them and learn their stories. I love, love, love bathing rituals because water is such a great conduit. But I think my favorite ritual, at the moment, doesn’t involve flowers that bloom on the Earth’s surface, but rather my personal ‘sacred flower,’ my yoni. The practice of dotting my moon-cycle blood onto my third eye and then dancing as an offering to my altar or the Earth came to me intuitively and after this amazing primal, grounding energy swept over me, it’s become my favorite ritual — hands down. Pure magick, straight from the portal of life itself. Just divine. 

HG: What’s next?

FB: I am currently developing some classes and workshops based around my most-asked-about practices (altar making, smudge-stick binding, kitchen witchin’, goddess crowns, flower therapy practices), so I know I will be hosting and teaching in the future. I’m also looking forward to returning to school for my MA in Art History, studying the origins of tarot and other occult art. But in the present moment, I’m just downloading. Taking in all of the sounds, colors, and frequencies around me, seeing what my understanding makes of them before I act. Other than that, I’m enjoying the new direction of my brand and watching it develop, as I deepen my proximity to spirit and the art of the ‘craft. In short, I’m just gonna keep traveling down this rabbit hole of spirit until I end up in Wonderland.