Blanca Flores from “Orange is the New Black” is actually a total beauty IRL

This season of Orange is the New Black featured a lot of secrets, a lot of drama and a lot of that badass that we know as Flores. From her frizzy hair to her uni-brow to her storyline this season where she was smelling particularly janky on purpose – Flores is definitely not the beauty queen of Litchfield Correctional Facility. But wait until you see what Blanca Flores, played by Laura Gomez, looks like out of her drab prison clothes.

Flores never really says much, but that doesn’t stop her from being badass and scary in a good way.

In Season 1, she convinced the other inmates she’s crazy, so they didn’t find her secret cell phone.

And in Season 4, she stood on a table for days to keep the guards from seeing any weakness. HELL YES.

And while Blanca Flores is pretty fierce in prison, Laura Gomez is another kind of FIERCE in real life.

Check her out rocking some gorgeous curves on the red carpet:

She’s impossibly chic in a white dress and floppy hat for NYC Pride:

And while in Season 4, we get a little view of Blanca Flores before she was sent off to prison rocking a very chic scarf.

She’s still no match for this bombshell when she hits the red carpet.

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