Next time you get in trouble do what Sofie does, blame Barbie

Ugh, don’t you just hate it when your Barbies get you in trouble for making a mess? At least, that’s the song little Sofie is singing after her dad realizes that she’s been playing with things she shouldn’t be. When called out on it, Sofie gets super upset and offers up the best defense ever: Barbie made me do it.

In the video posted by her dad, Joseph, he explains, “My baby girl was upset because she got into trouble for painting Barbie with her Disney nail polish.” Instead of yelling and screaming about the mess 3-year-old Sofie made with blue nail polish (all over the carpet, the bed, and the sheets), dad decides to take the calmer route and simply ask why. That’s when Sofie launches into her story — even though she was saying “NO,” Barbie was saying “YEEEEESSSSSS.”

In what is literally the cutest little explanation, Sofie tries to explain that Barbie asked to be painted with blue nail polish, and Sofie couldn’t say no! Barbie asked her to do it a hundred times! 

Sofie admits that she should be the one to get in trouble, not Barbie. But it really does make us wonder, maybe Toy Story is real after all.

Check out the most adorable interrogation below.

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