Blake Lively’s trainer shared her “Shallows” workout plan — and it’s surprisingly doable

It’s well-known that Blake Lively is a stone-cold fox — she even looks like a Disney princess PREGNANT. But the momma took things to a new level in her shark thriller, The Shallows. Lucky for us, her trainer recently explained (for us common folk) exactly how they got the job done.

Her fitness coach, Don Saladino, a NY-based trainer who also trains her beau Ryan Reynolds, broke down a typical five-day cycle for his workouts with Blake for for Well + Good. But, before we share her plan, Saladino reminds us that it’s always important to listen to your body and do what’s best for you.

He says:

“At the end of the day, it will never be one-size-fits-all. In order to get the results, you need to be paying attention to what’s going on [with you].”

All right, here’s the plan! Via Well + Good:

Day 1: Arms and Chest

After a few minutes warming up on a foam roller, Saladino had Blake begin with mobility exercises, such as “cats and dogs” — 3 to 4 rounds, 8 to 10 reps each. Then, Blake would do a multi-step exercise he calls the “jump, throw, carry,” which consists of, for example, squats, side slams, and carrying weight 40-50 yards — 3 rounds. Then, 20 – 30 minutes of cardio on a gym machine.

Day 2: Legs and Butt

Day 2 is a lot like Day 1, but just with an added step. In between the jump, throw, carry segment and the cardio finale, Saladino would have Blake do a few rounds of exercises to strengthen her lower body — such as split squats and kettle ball deadlifts, 8 to 10 reps in each round.

Day 3: Pool!

Day 3 mixed it up by throwing Blake in the water, where she would a lot of time while filming. Saladino got Blake moving with interval training as well as about a half hour of long-distance swimming.

Day 4: Getting outside

Blake got back into the mobility exercises on Day 4, followed by some rigorous drills consisting of push-ups, walking lunges, etc. Then, she’d do some sprints and other cardio exercises, off the treadmill this time, though.

Day 5: Light movement

Now, this is more like it. On Day 5, Blake would just focus on being active in her day-to-day life for 30 to 40 minutes. This could be a nice long stroll or a hike, whatever she wanted.

For full details, click here.

Seems INTENSE but doable!

Blake told Entertainment Tonight that above all, the purpose of the workouts was to build up her endurance for the rigorous film schedule. She also said that it helped give her a confidence boost after having her daughter, James:

“I was working out 13 hours a day because shooting was working out. It was neat to be able to do that, and it was neat to have that challenge after having a baby, because you think your body is so different — you think no matter what, it’s never [going to be] totally be the same. I thought, ‘That’s really encouraging.’”

So, if you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness routine, maybe skip the working-out-thirteen-hours-a-day part and try some of Saladino’s recommendations. Day 5 sounds fun at least, right?

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