Blake Lively’s next role is going to be super intense, but we’re not totally surprised

Blake Lively is hardcore about everything she does, whether it’s fashion, being a mom, and especially her work. After saying that she would like to eventually get behind the camera earlier this year, Blake Lively’s going to play an MMA fighter in her next role. So the director’s chair will have to wait for now. Deadline reported this week that Lively will star in Nick Cassavetes’s new movie, Bruised. Although it’s about a disgraced MMA fighter, Cassavetes’ was also the guy who brought us The Notebook and My Sister’s Keeper, so it might not be all fighting, all the time.

Lively will play Jackie, who’s described as a “single mother working two jobs and a disgraced MMA fighter who has been up against the ropes her entire life. When child services comes for her youngest son, she gets back in the cage for one last chance to fight for redemption.” Now THAT sounds like a movie.

Her last film, The Shallows, was just as physically intense, but Lively said the training for this MMA fighter isn’t too bad. Yet. “I’m not ready to go work out like that again,” Lively told Variety in an interview. According to the same interview, she hasn’t started to learn how to box just yet. But she’s focusing on getting her “back strong.”

Boxing or not, this new character seems like a good fit for Lively. She said of picking roles:

"I look for interesting women. It can be a woman in every frame of the movie or it could be a woman that’s in one scene, but I look for characters that I connect with. Having a family and having worked on a show for six years, it really made me want to do work that I love. And it leads to greater success, which only means more opportunity to do that again."

For sure, her role in Bruised will be worth looking out for. Also, who doesn’t want to learn to cage fight? It’s a skill that could come in handy.

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