Blake Lively’s daughter is adorably not buying that Ryan Reynolds is her dad

According to actress Blake Lively, Jimmy Fallon’s zany gift-giving may have gotten him in a little trouble this time. Appearing on “The Tonight Show” earlier this week, Lively brought along the life-size Fallon cut-out that the host gifted her during an earlier visit to the studio.

“Was it fun traveling around with him?” Fallon joked. “Did your life change?”

To Fallon’s surprise, the actress laughingly admitted that the cut-out “messed up [her] home life a little bit,” though fortunately in an adorable way. A home video clip shows James, Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds’ 18-month-old daughter, toddling up to the cardboard Fallon and giving him a kiss. “Where’s your dada?” asks Lively, filming. Little James points emphatically at the cut-out and declares: “Jimmy!”

Admit it, your heart just melted a little.

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A blushing Fallon quickly vetoed Blake Lively’s motion for an on-air paternity test. “This is the wrong show!” he laughed. And fortunately, Reynolds doesn’t seem to mind the confusion, even though James continues to insist that the fake Fallon is her real “dada”. Photographs presented by the three-dimensional Fallon show his cardboard twin sharing a bottle of Scotch with Reynolds, though the last (hopefully staged!) snapshot suggests that Reynolds did most of the drinking.

Enjoy the adorable video below!

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