Blake Lively’s daughter accidentally curses all the time, and it’s too adorable

Kids say the darndest things, especially when they’re first learning to talk. Babies starting to speak is always an adventure, whether it’s coming up with inexplicable replacement words for everyday objects, hilarious mispronunciations, or even accidentally saying offensive things. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now dealing with the latter in an adorable way.

The soon-to-be momma of two appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this past Friday to promote her recently-released movie Café Society, the latest romantic comedy-drama from Woody Allen. While there, she and Jimmy discussed her one-and-a-half year old daughter James’ burgeoning vocabulary.

Unfortunately, as Blake explained, little James has a penchant for swapping in the “sh” sound where it doesn’t belong — which is actually a pretty common speech error for kids. Equally unfortunately, James loves to ask people to “sit” with her.

She says ‘shump’ for ‘jump,’ ‘shtand’ for ‘stand,’ and if she wants to sit down, it’s ‘shit,’” Blake said. “She said, ‘Hey, come shit with me!’ She’s like, ‘Yay, shit!’

Potentially awkward when you’re in a crowd of strangers, but undeniably adorable. Blake went on to explain that swapping “sh” in isn’t James’ only goofy phonological faux pas. “When we go to the park and we take off our socks, for some reason she doesn’t have her ‘sh’ for ‘socks.’ She has a ‘c’ for ‘socks,” Blake said. LOL.

Baby James, who is famously kept far from the public eye and social media by her very private parents, sounds like a real laugh. Blake even compared her situation with adorably potty-mouthed James to having “Amy Schumer as a daughter… minus the immense talent.

During the interview, The Shallows actress also mentioned her struggle being pregnant during a brutally hot New York summer. “It should be illegal to be pregnant in New York in July,” she said. Funny enough, Blake explained that her firstborn daughter managed to predict her recently-announced second pregnancy, kissing Blake’s belly and saying “baby” to it. “But now, any time she sees anyone else with a belly, she says ‘baby,’” Blake said. “Which is a little embarrassing.” Aww. We’re sure people don’t mind at all. Blake and Ryan’s adorable daughter sounds too cute!

Check out the clip from Blake’s appearance on The Tonight Show below.

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