Blake Lively’s choice to be in “The Shallows” was inspired by this Ryan Reynolds movie

By now we know that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the definition of #relationshipgoals. We’re still squealing over her adorable Father’s Day tribute to him, and we marvel at their romance any chance we get. So when we heard this story about how Ryan inspired Blake’s performance in her upcoming movie The Shallows, we fell in love all over again.

In the film, Blake plays Nancy, a surfer who gets stranded on a rock after suffering a shark attack. She must figure out how to swim the 200 yards back to shore without being attacked again. Yep, this one is definitely going to be a nail-biter. But when you hear how Ryan inspired Blake to take on the challenging role, it’ll soften the story a little bit.

“He did a film called Buried where he’s in a coffin the entire time,” she told Savannah Guthrie yesterday on Today. “I think that would be harder to do because you have to carry a movie in a box. At least I had all these beautiful settings and sharks that helped me.”

During her time shooting The Shallows, Blake grew quite fond of sharks.

Throughout filming, she shared many thoughts and photos from her interactions and “eye-opening” experiences with them.

“I actually had an amazing experience,” the actress continued. “I went diving with great white sharks and a shark conservationist. Being in the water amongst them, it suddenly takes away that fear because you see them in movies and they’re villainized, but when you see them in their habitat, you realize they’re not actually hunting you.”

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