Blake Lively has found the absolute best way to get out of a workout

Badass actress Blake Lively just posted a hilarious pic of her hiding from her workout, and we can totally relate! A long work week can take a toll on you, and thinking about how hard your #FitnessFriday routine is going to be is enough to make some want to run. Especially when your trainer looks like a real life Hulk.

Blake has said that her trainer Don Saladino has played a huge role in helping to whip her body into shape post-baby. The self proclaimed ‘physical culturalist’ sure does know what he’s doing, because Blake’s body looks awesome! But, why is she so afraid of her trainer, you ask? We’ve got every bit of proof below.

Blake just showed us an awesome way to get out of our workout!

And just when you thought she was being a bit dramatic, this happened…

Uh, yeah…we totally get why Blake wanted to run and hide, because her trainer loves to live on the wild side!

Blake’s trainer Don Saldino is a total daredevil, and shared this epic stunt video on his Instagram to prove it.

It’s scary, but we must admit…it did look pretty awesome. But definitely grueling.

Don is definitely an Iron Man IRL, and we can’t imagine he’d let his clients take it easy during a workout. We just hope Blake was able to shake off the fear long enough to get in a good sweat, because we’re pretty sure he found her eventually!

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