Blake Lively wore the only pair of $40 Old Navy jeans you’ll ever need

If there’s anything that makes our hearts palpitate, it’s shopping for denim. When it’s good, oh it’s good. But when it’s bad…well, we’d rather just not talk about that. Unless we’re looking to drop a ton of cash (which we usually are not), shopping for denim is the worst, only behind shopping for bras and bathing suits. Thankfully, we have new secret weapons in the fight for denim: Old Navy and Blake Lively.

Specifically, Blake Lively wore a $40 pair of Old Navy jeans that fit her like a dream, and now we can’t get to the store fast enough.

Blake was seen walking the streets of Long Island on Sunday in a simple FRAME button-down, some skintight skinny jeans, and a pair of heeled sandals. The look is relaxed but still put-together, and the dark wash denim really amplifies that.

And while these jeans seem expensive, they only look that way. Blake Lively’s “Rockstar 24/7” jeans are from Old Navy.


These jeans only cost $39.99. YES, really. Say hello to your favorite secret weapon.

These jeans can’t help but make us think of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. After all, they must be magic if they fit this well and cost so little. Plus, with the option of three shades of denim, Old Navy is really stepping up to satisfy our sartorial sweet tooth.

So get hoppin’ and go shoppin’. For a price this good, these babies are sure to go and go fast. Thank you, Blake, for being our unofficial fashion fairy godmother.

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