We Nominate Blake Lively’s Unicorn Cake for ‘GBBO’—but See for Yourself

Where can we place an order for a cake of our own?

We all know how brilliant of an actress Blake Lively is, but who knew she possessed the level of baking chops of a professional baker or cake artist?! The A Simple Favor actress showed off a rainbow unicorn cake in an Instagram photo on Tuesday, February 9th. The grand colorful masterpiece—made for her sister Robyn’s birthday— was decked out in pink glitter frosting, detailed sugar flowers, and even a unicorn horn. While the cake certainly deserves a gold medal by our standards, it was The Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood, whose praise Lively was after.

If I don’t get a handshake from @paul.hollywood after decorating this one, I quit, she captioned the video, also tagging the cake professional in the post.

Lively’s post quickly lit up with comments. Fans were sharing their admiration for her cake designs and pure astonishment that she had been keeping a secret talent of this caliber from us all this time! 

One fan said, “As far as decorations go…this takes the cake.” While another called her the “queen of decorating cakes.” Finally, one commenter asked the question many of us had been holding out for: “Did he write back??? This is the mashup I need in 2021.”

It turns out, Mr. Hollywood not only reposted Lively’s cake to his own personal Instagram account, but he dropped her a virtual handshake emoji in the comments.

Of course, she had to let her fans know that she did in fact, secure the handshake. The Gossip Girl actress celebrated on her Instagram Story with a screenshot of his comment.

Blake Lively Instagram Story

“[handshake emoji] consider it done … see you in the tent x,” he wrote on his own post. Now the only question remaining is…how soon can we expect so see Lively as a guest judge or contestant on the show?

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