Blake Lively says “girl power isn’t just for females,” and we love that she spoke up about this

There were many inspirational acceptance speeches at Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards, but it was Blake Lively’s words that really got us feeling like the world is moving in a good direction. She collected the award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress, and spoke passionately about her first introduction to “girl power” when she was a kid, which was The Spice Girls (who we love forever and always!). There was just so much heart on display.

Grateful for all the fans who voted for girl power in the award category, she later posted an Instagram message that expanded her point — that girl power is for everyone.

"...I was so proud to stand up there last night to thank you and to share my passion and pride for #girlpower 💪🏼💖🚺🚹 As you proved, girl power isn't just for females. ...That's so 1995.😊 Men and women, together we are stronger. 🏆💖THANK YOU!!!💖"

And we love this so freaking much! She’s absolutely right; we are all stronger together, and each and every one of us, whether male or female or non-binary gender, should feel encouraged to step forward confidently and show the world our vulnerability and our strength as individuals.

In fact, “girl power isn’t just for females…that’s so 1995” could well become the slogan of 2017.

Should we go ahead and re-live her kick ass speech? Okay.

Thank you, Blake, for somehow always saying just the right thing at the right time (also, it’s even more impressive because she was running on just two hours of sleep before this ceremony…mom life). Damn, girl! Your team-mentality inspires us to support one another and be grateful for what we have.

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