Ryan Reynolds continues to troll wife Blake Lively with a #nofilter photo

Loving someone means loving their flaws, loving their lazy days, and loving the way they hog the blankets at night just as much as you love all the good parts, right? Well, it can also be said that being in a partnership means relentlessly making fun of your significant other while loving them. Take it from Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Instagram troll war. The feud is not only hilarious but also rather heartwarming because it reminds us that celebrities are just like us! Except with a much bigger audience for their antics.

The latest Instagram stunt in this family feud comes from Ryan. We think it’s in response to the hilarious Instagram Blake posted for his birthday, in which he was almost completely cropped out of a photo of himself next to Ryan Gosling.

As for Ryan’s revenge on Blake, it came in the form of an Instagram post with the caption #nofilter. In the accompanying photo, we see Blake looking more run-down than usual, in layers of winter clothing featuring a hodgepodge of colors.

While the photo seems kind of convincing, in truth, it comes from paparazzi who took photos of Lively while she was filming her latest role. Blake has been filming The Rhythm Section in Dublin, Ireland, in which she plays a woman who’s seeking revenge after an orchestrated plane crash kills her family.

The fact that this isn’t actually a photo of Blake on a day off makes it that much funnier. Though we can’t deny we’re still laughing at Blake’s post too.


It’s true what they say, it seems. The family that makes fun of each other together, stays together.

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