Blake Lively burned Ryan Reynolds on Instagram AGAIN, and the flame war continues

We have to think that one of the reasons why Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds work so well together is because they’re both hilarious AF. Not only are they talented on-screen, but they seem to know exactly how to make each other (and their giant fanbase) laugh. And this is perhaps best illustrated by their constant social media burns.

The cute “war” between the two has been going on for months. Back in August, Reynolds wished Lively a happy birthday by uploading a photo in which she’d obviously been cropped out. “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife,” he wrote, with a picture featuring mostly him. LOL.

In October, Lively got back at Reynolds with another cropped tweet. This one was of Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, but the focus was solely on The Gos. “Happy birthday, baby,” Lively tweeted, with well over a million people liking her comeback. false

And it looks like the battle is alive and well.

On April 8th, Lively posted a photo in which she and Reynolds look beyond happy, and noted what she’s most proud of…

…her hair. LOL.

Now her hair does look excellent. That’s pretty indisputable. But we’re definitely assuming that her decision to call it out, as opposed to say, her husband, was a definite choice (and burn). And we’re all about it.

Your move, Ryan.

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