Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter James has some ~opinions~ about what she and baby sis Ines get to be for Halloween

For anyone who has an older sibling, this might bring back some bad memories. (We’re sorry in advance.) Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s adorable two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, James, is picking the Halloween costumes for herself and little sister, Ines. And her ideas for what they should wear are unexpected and hilarious.

In a recent interview with People, Lively proves yet again that the Lively-Reynolds family is incredibly relatable, despite the whole fame thing. It turns out, little James has some strong opinions about what she and baby Ines should be for Halloween. Because as with most siblings, the rivalry starts early.

"My daughter suggested that our youngest should be Mike Wazowski, so I thought, 'Great, we are all going to get to be different characters from Monsters, Inc,'" the 30-year-old actress said. “But then she suggested the baby be Mike and that she gets to be Cinderella."

That doesn’t sound too strange, considering that Mike Wazowski is almost as iconic as Cinderella herself, who is arguably the original Disney superstar. But as James offered more costume suggestions, she revealed an adorably biased pattern.

Lively went on to describe more of her conversation with her daughter.

"Or that she gets to be Moana and the baby gets to be Hei Hei. Or she gets to be Anna [from Frozen], and so you would think the baby gets to be Elsa. No, the baby gets to be the gecko from Tangled."

Ah, it seems that perhaps James has inherited her father’s wicked sense of humor. Because we see what’s going on here.

Lively sees it too, and called James out. “Basically, the baby gets to be the goofy animal sidekick, while our daughter gets to be the princess,” the actress continued. Honestly, this sounds exactly like something that Ryan Reynolds would do too. We can only imagine how proud he is right now.

It sure does seem like little James will grow up to be a jokester just like her father, and we can’t wait to watch that unfold. Whether or not baby Ines, who’s one, will end up as an animal sidekick to her princess sister is yet to be determined. But knowing how funny the Lively-Reynolds family is, once Ines starts talking, she’ll get her revenge.

We just hope there will be photo evidence (and tweets from Reynolds) to record all of it.

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