Blake Lively just burned Ryan Reynolds over his cookie making ability, and this is the true meaning of Christmas

In this world, some of us have many talents, and some of us only have a few. Reynolds Ryan Reynolds may fall into the latter category. But that’s okay, because his talents include being funny and charming on camera, and also making good-decisions (hey, he decided to marry Blake Lively!).

Alas, we now know those talents don’t include making and decorating Christmas cookies. And we know this because Lively absolutely roasted him on Instagram, and posted the picture to prove it.

First, a little scene setting. Imagine the Lively-Reynolds family gathered around inside a gigantic family kitchen. Lively, who has spoken frequently about her baking prowess, begins the cookie-making process. “I want to help!” Reynolds exclaims, holding their daughter James. Lively is at first reluctant. She knows he just isn’t good in the kitchen. But it’s Christmas, so she’ll give him a shot. “He can decorate,” she muses to herself. “Surely he can manage that part with no trouble.”

And then, disaster strikes. The end result is a Christmas cookie massacre. The snowmen look bloodied and broken, star cookies are missing their points. Merry Christmas, indeed.

This is possibly how Lively and Reynolds’ Christmas prep went, because the cookies look like they need to go to a cookie hospital. They look like this:

Lively then took to Instagram with evidence of the carnage…and a well-placed dig.

"@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies... 😳...He’s verrry handsome though."

Through this story, which will soon be a Christmas fable told throughout the ages for generations to come, we have found the true meaning of Christmas. Let your loved ones do things you know they can’t really do. Indulge them in their fantasies. And then make sure the whole world knows about their failed attempts, especially when they’re Deadpool. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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