Blake Lively just shared the most savage picture of Ryan Reynolds for his birthday

Nothing says “soulmate” like a little bit of Instagram trolling, amirite?

One of our favorite celebrity couples, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, are no strangers to making fun of each other on the internet. Whether it’s a joke about their upcoming films, or a parenting tip from Reynolds on Twitter, their online interactions definitely make us wish we were their friends IRL.

But naturally, nothing tops the brutally hilarious birthday messages the two post for each other. Reynolds may have fired the first shot earlier this year, but in honor of the Deadpool actor’s birthday, Lively just came back swinging.

And honestly, this post might just be the most beautifully savage birthday shoutout we’ve ever seen.

That’s right, instead of posting a couples’ picture, Lively posted a photo of a couple of Ryans: Reynolds and Gosling. That’s not to mention the fact that Reynolds is *mostly* cropped out of view.

Guys, that’s a brutal bit of revenge following Reynolds’ birthday post for Lively in August.

For Blake Lively’s 30th birthday in August, Reynolds — as most significant others do in the age of digital media — took to Instagram to wish his wife a happy birthday with an adorable red carpet photo of the two. But there was something missing…most of Lively.

Yep, he practically posted a photo of himself to wish his wife a happy birthday.

As obsessed as we are with this post, we think Lively may have outdone her wise-cracking husband and, based on her follow up Tweet, she seems *pretty* proud of her own cunning.

Honestly, we can’t wait to see how they top their birthday messages next year. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling’s birthday *is* coming up in a few weeks, and we hope that Reynolds and Lively are prepping his birthday message after dragging him into their birthday war.

Happy birthday, Ryan!

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