Blake Lively posts an “expectation vs. reality” pic on Instagram, and it’s on POINT

Blake Lively has been crazy busy promoting her new movie The Shallows. She’s been running all over the place doing interviews, interviews and more interviews. But she always finds time keep fans up-to-date on her comings and goings via Instagram.

In between an appearance on The Tonight Show and The Shallows premiere and well, being pregnant, she managed to snap a gorgeous shot of herself look not quite ready for the photo. She looks like maybe she’s yawning. Or telling Ryan Reynolds to get her some TACO BELL — with urgency.

After taking the pic, Lively recognized that getting the perfect shot takes work. And because she doesn’t take herself too seriously, she posted the most perfect “expectation vs. reality” photos.

She captioned this photo, “Expectation…”

Vs. “…Reality”

It’s a statistical fact that we just made up, but it’s probably accurate — one out of every 33 pictures taken turns out to be actually usable. We love Lively for making fun of the ridiculousness of it all.

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