Blake Lively called out a fashion blogger who said she was wearing too many suits

In her new movie A Simple Favor, Blake Lively’s mysterious character, Emily, is a suburban mom with an affinity for gin and jaw-droppingly gorgeous pantsuits. And it seems Lively loves a good pantsuit IRL, too. In fact, Lively has worn pantsuits almost exclusively during the A Simple Favor press tour. While we can’t get enough of her current wardrobe, not everyone seems on board with her selections. And Lively clapped back.

Yesterday, September 18th, Instagram user @fashion_critic_ poked fun at Lively’s suits. They posted a photo of Lively in a gorgeous pink Ralph Lauren piece from the London premiere of A Simple Favor, captioning the photo, “It’s suit number 1,356 for Blake Lively’s promotion of ‘A Simple Favor’.”

The post caught the attention of Lively, compelling her to call out the double standard.

She wrote, "@fashion_critic_ Would you note a man wearing lots of suits during a promo tour? 😱😊 So why can’t a woman? Just sayinnnn. No double standards ladies 💪💕"

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