Here’s what it would take to get Blake Lively to do a “Gossip Girl” reboot or reunion

Attention, Upper Eastsiders: this is not a drill. Blake Lively ~may~ be on board to do a Gossip Girl reunion.

Cue the champagne toast and glam celebration!

The 29-year-old actress opened up to Variety about the possibility of returning for a Netflix-style reboot of her cult-classic show. And thanks to the powers that be, she seemed pretty open to the idea, so long as certain conditions are met. But hey, what’d you expect? Blake’s an A-lister, and she’s entitled to a few demands!

“I don’t know. Why not?” Lively told Variety about the possibility of coming together for a Gossip Girl reunion.

“It sort of all depends. Would I do seven years of the show [again]? No, because it’s hard work and I’ve got my babies, and I don’t want to be away from them that much,” she said.

"But I've just learned in life you never say never. I'm looking to do something that I haven't done yet, not something that I did. But would I do that? Who knows — if it was good, if it made sense. We had so much fun shooting and living and working in New York City.

Listen to us, Blake: it makes perfect sense to slip on Serena’s Saint Laurent booties and check in on what our favorite Manhattanite is up to these days. Are she and Dan happy? Has Serena gone back to her partying ways? We must know!

Just consider this: Gilmore Girls had a similar run-time of its own, spanning seven years on television as well. And for its Netflix return, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we got to catch up with our favorite Stars Hollow folks for a four-episode, year-long glimpse into their lives. So, why not call up the Netflix bosses and demand a similar treatment of a Gossip Girl reunion? It only seems fair to us, the loyal viewers, and it would satisfy Blake’s “something new” and “making sense” conditions. Win-win!

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