Blake Lively wore four outfits before lunch, is all of us when we can’t decide what to wear

Blake Lively has been promoting her new movie All I See Is You, and while doing so, she’s had some true Carrie Bradshaw moments. By the time it was 2:30 p.m. in New York City, Lively had already gifted us with four different outfit changes.

From a yellow go-go dancer-inspired getup to a full suit and jacket — Lively has turned the streets of NYC into her own personal catwalk.

Also, four outfits before lunch is all of us when we can’t decide what to wear. ?

First up, this bright yellow Brandon Maxwell pantsuit that is giving us ’60s vibes with the wide flared legs.

That belt is what cinches the vintage aesthetic.

She wore this bright look for an appearance on Good Morning America, but when she left the studio, she was already in another outfit.

Exhibit: Oscar de la Renta dress.

Surprisingly, the manicure stayed the same.

Then, oh she’s not done yet, the actress switched it up by stepping into a houndstooth pantsuit as she headed back to her hotel.


Oh, but wait, there’s more. We don’t know what we did to deserve such flawless servings of look, after look, after look, but Lively changed it up one more time with this menswear-inspired suit and jacket combo that is so stylish, we’re actually DEAD now. Writing this post from beyond the grave, tbh.


It’s not even dinnertime where Lively is, and we wonder what other ~lewks~ she’s going to bless us with before the day is done.

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