Blake Lively shared the most delightfully dorky picture of herself in scuba gear

Blake Lively’s Instagram feed is full of gems, and the latest post to grace our eyes might rank up there with some of our favorites.

The photo shows Blake dressed in neoprene from head to toe — literally, she’s wearing a scuba suit — doing a slightly less graceful version of a 007 karate kick. It’s truly life-giving.

“Exhibit A. Said ‘tourist’. Diving with 3 majestic great white sharks alongside the incredible conservationist and advocate @mikerutzen in 2011,” Blake wrote in the cryptic caption, which makes it sound like she was doing some badass stuff under the sea. This leads us to our next point: We know Blake is a Little Mermaid fan, so this experience probably brought back all sort of childhood fantasies for her (we know it would for us!). Plus, it had to be great prep for her role in The Shallows, which hits theaters June 24th. 

Girl even looks good in scuba gear! Damn.

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