This throwback Blake Lively pic proves she and her daughter James are actually twins

In case you somehow missed it, know that Blake Lively’s eldest daughter, James, as well as her newborn second daughter made their red carpet debut for dad Ryan Reynolds’ Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Thursday, December 15th. (The younger daughter’s name is yet-to-be-revealed, because Lively and Reynolds are just that cool.)

Actually, scratch that — it wasn’t just their red carpet debut, it was their debut debut — until Thursday, Lively and Reynolds had never appeared publicly with their daughters. (Which is totally understandable — Lively and Reynolds are a private couple, and it’s their choice if they want to introduce their children to the world.) So this is huge, basically.

The craziest part of all? Childhood photos of Lively reveal that she and James are actually twins.

Check it out:


The photo on the left is of James with her doting dad. On the right is a #TBT from Lively’s Instagram, and to say there is a twinsies situation happening is a bit of an understatement. And no, it’s not just because they’re both hanging out with handsome men and don’t seem to be that excited about it (sorry, Jason Priestley).

From the honey-colored locks to the baby blue eyes to the adorable “I am not amused” expressions on both of their faces, it’s clear that the lion’s share of James’ genetic makeup comes from her mother. And since Lively is pretty much a queen of posting adorable baby throwback pics on her Instagram, it’s almost like we know exactly what James’ childhood is going to look like.

~ Spooky ~ right?

Lucky for little James, being Blake Lively’s doppelgänger isn’t the worst gig in the world.

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