Blake Lively and her dad celebrate their relationship with the sweetest photo

As we all know, Blake Lively is a real-life Disney princess who knows how to rock the most fashionable maternity dresses, post Instagram photos that never fail to make us smile, and how to raise an absolutely adorable little girl with husband Ryan Reynolds. So of course Blake has a father who’s just as awesome as she is. 

[B]ut for the most handsome man of all: My papa,wrote Lively, captioning a super sweet snapshot with her dad Ernie. “Thank you, Dad for visiting me this week. ❤️

Then, Blake lovingly joked about her father’s fashion choices. “Bc of your red carpet fashion at the #CafeSociety movie premiere, EVERYONE is going to see the movie!!! ? ?” she quipped. “You are the ultimate fashion #SlayQueen #KirklandSignature is back!” (Kirkland Signature refers to a label sold at Costco, so Blake’s dad clearly isn’t into red carpet fashion like his daughter.)

While this may be one of the cutest posts on Blake’s Instagram, it definitely isn’t the first time she’s been part of a heartwarming father-daughter moment.

This image was captured in 2005, at The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants premiere:


They were together again at the Golden Globe Awards in 2009:


And Blake’s mom Elaine joined them at the 2011 Chanel dinner hosted in Blake’s honor:


The Lively family is just plain lovely.

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