Blake Lively used a visible bra and a nostalgic ’90s song lyric to make the perfect Instagram post

Blake Lively just won Throwback Thursday. Sure, there’s no actual competition, but the actress’ latest Insta post is such an incredible mix of charming, beautiful, fashionable, and nostalgic that we’re not sure anything else in the future will compare.

Sitting casually in a gorgeous, sequined two-piece suit and showing off her lacy bra, she looks like something straight out of our wildest early ’00s dreams. And she totally owns the look by captioning, “I’m blue da ba dee da boo dihh” (which will now be stuck in your head the rest of the day and that is A-OK). Everything about this look is such a delightful throwback to the 1999-era when Europop sensations Eiffel 65 took the world by storm with their catchy sounds and pumped up beats (not to mention their music video’s incorporation of spot-on early CGI graphics).


Of course, the picture is stunning enough that she could have just posted with without a caption and we still would have been in awe of her beauty. But the fact that she chooses to do something so playful and so sentimental infuses the post with so much personality and playfulness, it’s so completely Blake.

With a simple pic and an adorable caption, she has yet again given us one more reason to totally adore everything about her.

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