Blake Lively revealed how she learned to love her body “in every iteration” after two kids

Though it’s literally impossible to imagine waking up as Blake Lively and having issues with your body, apparently it happens.

(Not the waking up as Blake Lively part. The Blake Lively not waking up every day and thinking “holy crap, I am perfect” part.)

As Monday night’s Galentine’s Day event with L’Oréal Paris — a fashion week party planned and hosted by Lively — she told E! News’ Zanna Roberts Rassi that, following the birth of her second daughter Ines, she had to make an effort to embrace her changing figure.

“It’s all a process,” she said. “You know, after the second kid it’s really different. So this is not my normal body, but I like it.

I'm learning to love my body in every iteration and I think that's hard for women, and so I learned a lot."

Lively famously filmed The Shallows, a movie in which she’s onscreen the entire time wearing a string bikini, mere months after giving birth to her first daughter with Ryan Reynolds, James.

And we think she looks amazing now and literally every second of every day, but it can’t be easy going through so many body fluctuations in a less than three-year period.

We’re glad to hear that Lively is tuned in to issues like body positivity now, though. In the months following Ines’ birth, Lively has noticeably been more willing to not only speak about her own body issues, but also feminist concerns involving other women.

“This is the first time in my lifetime where I have been aware of a women’s worth being questioned,” she said at the Galentine’s event. “I know it happens all the time everywhere, but I never felt it. It’s made me so much more aware and empathetic to the challenges that women face always, because I’ve been really fortunate. I think it’s just so important that we come together and build each other up—and that we remind women of their value. It’s really beautiful to see women come together. It’s something I’ve never seen.”

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