Blake Lively just went on a bedazzling spree and we need this trend back

Nostalgia exists for a reason, and you never know what’s going to trigger it. This time around it was our favorite Gossip Girl. That’s right, Blake Lively just went on a bedazzling spree. We need this trend back ASAP. If you needed a cure-all for the blues, nothing gets the job done better than sparkles.

Blake Lively was out supporting local artists by stopping at a paint party inside of her favorite gallery. The rest is history. While most people would stop at painting on a canvas, Blake went all out by incorporating some sparkles in her work of art. The actress got us wishing we could bust out our favorite bedazzler at home.

Check out Blake’s adorable ring.

Not only did we get a glimpse at a trend we want back, we got to see the amazing “Mrs. R” ring Blake Lively sports on her wedding finger. As if we needed another reason to envy Blake and Ryan’s marriage any more.

If you thought this was just a new hobby Blake Lively picked up, you’d be wrong. She’s been sharing sparkly photos on social media since…well… forever.

In addition to bedazzled clothing, a lot of other ’90s trends have been popping back into style as of late. Chokers have crept back into our lives and give us a taste of grungy-realness.

And we cannot forget the resurgence of flannel shirts that has become a sort-of uniform. Everyone from Silicon Valley giants to television writers sport those comfy shirts daily. Kurt Cobain would be proud.

Bring on the sparkle.

We personally cannot wait for the bedazzling trend to come back. Obviously we might need to stay away from a bedazzling spree on our old jeans, but putting a modern spin on a classic shouldn’t be hard! Nail art, home decor and even sandals can use a little pick-me-up.

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