Blake Lively and her baby bump straight up stole the show at the “BFG” premiere

How many suitcases did Blake Lively bring to Cannes? No seriously. We need to know, because she is not messing around on the red carpet over there. She’s knocked our socks off every day since the film festival began. Every. Single. Day.

We loved her Esmerelda look from Day 1. And her crazy amazing embellished red coat. And her glittering rose rhinestone gown. AND her total Disney fantasy Cinderella look. (We told you, guys! Erryday.)

Oh, and did we mention that she’s also pregnant and sporting one of the most adorable baby bumps we’ve ever seen? Because she totally is. We like to think all her gorgeous designer gowns are creating some sort of pregnancy magic and the baby will be born rocking Burberry couture. (Because if anyone’s baby came out of the womb that way, it would be Blake Lively’s. Just saying.)

So when she showed up today at the BFG premiere in a breathtaking, cascading blue gown that perfectly showcased her tiny baby bump, we were awestruck, but not one bit surprised.


Blake and baby are crushing it. The gown, from Atelier Versace, looked like a flowing waterfall on the red carpet stairway. Lively looks positively regal. #queen


Did you know that Cannes doesn’t end until May 22? We have a feeling Lively just might exceed her airline’s baggage allowance. And that’s 100% fine with us.