Blake Lively is slated to play an assassin in her next movie, and we’ve been waiting our whole lives for this

Question of the day: Is there anything Blake Lively can’t do onscreen? She played everyone’s favorite Upper East Sider in Gossip Girl and kicked ass on the soccer field in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants — and in the water against a shark in The Shallows.

Sooo, really, we were not at ALL surprised to learn that Blake Lively’s been cast as an assassin in the upcoming thriller The Rhythm Section.

Lively is set to play Stephanie Patrick, a woman who loses her family in a plane crash, and later discovers that their deaths weren’t an accident. She then becomes an assassin (because…duh) and sets out to punish those responsible for the killings.

And the best part?

Watching Lively crack mysteries won’t be a one-time thing. The movie is based on a whole series of books by Mark Burnell, which means we’ll get to see Lively play detective for multiple installments to come.

If you want even MORE to get you going — the movie also already has some majorly talented crew attached as well, including the filmmakers behind the past eight Bond movies, and Reed Morano, who directed a few episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale. 

Plus, according to the film’s executive producer Stuart Ford, Lively’s character will be a badass lady, who differs from her counterparts.

“In Stephanie Patrick, Mark has created a unique female heroine who turns so many of the current cinematic clichés surrounding so-called ‘kick-ass’ female leads on their head, Ford said.


We cannot WAIT for this to start filming. In the meantime, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants re-watch session, anybody?

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