Blake Lively has finally made amends with her childhood enemy – Big Bird

It may surprise you to hear that Blake Lively and Big Bird have secretly been feuding for years. Okay, not exactly that, but Blake Lively did resent the Sesame Street star for extremely personal reasons. There’s a story behind this photo of Blake Lively and Big Bird, and you’ll definitely want to hear it.

Blake Lively shared a picture of herself visiting Sesame Street with neighborhood icon Big Bird.

Oh, and did she take fans on a journey with the caption. It turns out that she really did have a problem with Big Bird in her youth, but it had nothing to do with the famous Muppet. In fact, Lively explained, she was bullied when she was younger by kids who thought she bore a striking resemblance to Big Bird. That’s obviously ridiculous, because she’s a human person and bullying is the worst. It turns out Lively’s height and hair color were just two of the reasons kids bullied her in elementary school, which led to her resenting the Muppet. Until today!

“Still geeking out,” she wrote with a heart eyes emoji, “Here’s to making best buddies with the things that once hurt you!” Who knew a simple encounter between Blake Lively and Big Bird could be so inspirational?

2018 is officially the year Blake Lively and Big Bird make peace, and I am grateful for it.

We should all be! Oh, and in case you’re wondering exactly what circumstances caused the actress to bump into Sesame Street‘s famed avian: It’s a guest role! Lively is set to make her Sesame Street debut in Season 48(!) of the PBS hit. She posted a quick Boomerang of herself behind the scenes a few days ago, captioning it “I have friends!”

Yes, you do, Blake Lively. You sure do. Also, it’s probably a good thing that she was the guest star on Sesame Street, instead of her husband. One shudders to think of what Deadpool might say to children.

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