Blake Lively left the most Blake Lively mark on her absentee ballot when voting

One of many celebrities encouraging voting in the 2016 presidential election, Blake Lively recently shared an Instagram of her mail-in ballot, and her vote wasn’t the only mark she made on it. Voting can be stressful, you see. Especially during a presidential election. Especially when the election cycle has been so rife with conflict. So Blake did what we all pretty much do in times of dire stress — she ate some chocolate. And, also like pretty much all of us do, she clearly consumed her chocolate with such single-mindedness that she didn’t notice she’d left a blotch on her ballot.

Luckily, there are no rules against submitting a ballot with chocolate on it.

We admire Blake for voting, as we all should, and for sharing this Instagram that will hopefully encourage others to follow in her footsteps and get the vote out. But considering Blake Lively is vocal about needing to eat, like, food that tastes good (such as chocolate) and not just following some Hollywood-slash-Stepford diet, this is also the most Blake Lively thing we’ve ever come across.

Kudos to Blake Lively for supporting the democratic process her way…Given rumors of long lines and the overall stress we have over this election, we might have to take a page from her book and bring one of those five-pound chocolate bars with us to our polling station. NO, it’s not excessive. Shush.

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