Blackout tattoos are the latest tattoo craze to go viral

Say goodbye to the small, delicate tattoos that were practically everywhere you looked last year. There’s a new tattoo trend taking over the internet and it is a far cry from more reserved pieces like Kylie Jenner’s tiny, crimson-colored tats. Blackout tattoos are hot overseas and are spreading fast.

Though Singapore-based tattooist Chester Lee has been doing the all-black look for years, it has recently become trendy among new ink-seekers. Refinery 29 notes that these designs — also called “blackwork” — are often “influenced by Polynesian tattoos as well as graphic art.”

Describing the extreme look as an acquired taste, Lee told People he had been suggesting the technique to his clients as a way to cover up old work. “Slowly the new generation is appreciating the cleanliness of this kind of work, and the art of looking at just shapes and lines that emphasize the contours of the body,” he said. Since such a massive part of the body is being fully covered in one shade of ink, the blackout trend is obviously not for the faint of heart.

While some people are impressed at the large amount of ink, others are hesitant. “Jesus Christ I dunno if thats sexy or terrifying,” Instagram user baconsuspenders commented

Take a look at those who have taken the plunge:

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