This blackhead being removed from an ear looks like snot coming out of a tiny nose, and you can’t look away

If the thought of watching a five-minute video of a technician carefully and methodically removing a blackhead from a person’s ear makes you want to die, then warning: You may not wanna keep reading. However, if you — like us — find zit popping, cyst bursting, and boil removals inexplicably satisfying, then read on dear friends!

We recently discovered a 2017 video from the Youtube channel “SPA,” which showcases a wide variety of “popping” related skincare videos, often specifically from the nose and ears. The specific video in question features a hand using a small pair of tweezers to help open several ear pores and then (ever-so-carefully) digging out the blackhead-causing clog. After several minutes of removing sebum from the pore, the technician finally hits the mother load, grabbing and removing the bulk of the blackhead.

The best/worst part? The whole thing kind of looks like snot being pulled from a teeny, tiny nose.

If you’re still with us/haven’t run away screaming, then we have a feeling you now desperately want to see this video. And we got you. Watch the blackhead removal video in its full glory below:

While there’s a lot of things we weirdly enjoy about the above (again, teeny, tiny nose…) the satisfying removal moment at about 4:15 truly reigns supreme. If you’re into this kinda thing, then you surely know what we mean.

The blackhead removal video has been viewed well over three million times, and the satisfied comments speak for themselves. Thank you, SPA channel. You really get us.